How to Speed Up Android Phone?

Finally, every Android telephone will get laggy at a point in its life and leaves the proprietor to want to rate up to their Android phone.

This is quite common when a budget telephone was utilized for over two decades. Some flagship phone begins getting laggy following 3 decades.

Here are some reasons that cause such harms to your telephone and possible approaches to repair it.

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Chipset lifespan

The chip is the heart and mind of the telephone. Older chipset often have slower as time goes. Among the chief reason that make chipset go slow is Over Use, in different words extensive use. Be certain that you understand concerning the handling capabilities prior to downloading high intensity applications or games.

RAM capability

The same as chips, RAM get diminished over time. Virtually all apps now have been developed to utilize more memory than previously. RAM speed have some influence on the functioning of the device. LPDDR2 and LPDDR3 RAMs are believed slower RAM as you will find much quicker RAMs used in brand new mobile, such as LPDDR4 and LPDDR4X RAM. If you’re phone comes with RAM less than 2GB, it is far better to upgrade to a better mobile with more RAM.

Malicious apps

The most common component that slows down Android apparatus is the dangerous software that are downloaded in Unknown Sources. Such malicious program have some detrimental influence on the apparatus as stated in the pop-up whilst downloading these programs. If you recall downloading these programs, uninstalling them and erasing the APKs will have considerable positive influence on the device operation.

Third party antivirus apps

Many people never understand that every one of the third party antivirus programs available on the Play Store has less effect on the device performance. Instead some programs might prove to be the one that causes difficulty. A number of these programs hold more cache up on the system which contributes to greater activity processing period, which cash slow reaction. The telephone will operate just fine with No antivirus apps


Lots of individuals have this habit of frequently charging their telephone or keep the telephone connected all of the time with charging cable or perhaps wireless charger. Fundamentally charging a device create warmth, occasionally even too. Such increase in temperature may damage the uterus or more significant parts like chipset. These harm parts will surely slow down the telephone overtime and finally contribute to battery life bulge.

Storage Overload

Each of the older generation Android mobiles had highest storage capacity of 32GB or 64GB. Such storage methods have become obsolete now, so dumping them together with maximum load increases the processing time for certain. It is highly advised to delete duplicate files and unnecessary programs to reduce hanging of apparatus.


Some programs tempt you to root your apparatus to allow some jaw dropping attributes. By rooting your apparatus, you are essentially allowing third party programs to skip the inbuilt security settings of the apparatus. This will make it possible for those programs to boost cache and may even install malicious viruses on the telephone.

No software update

Since the gadget gets old, the smartphone makers have a tendency to quit rolling out security updates, bug fixes upgrades and other Software upgrades. This may also bring about the telephone operation to slowdown.

General tips to speed up your android phone:

  • In case the system hangs too much, look at doing’Factory Data Reset’ with secure data backup. This may eliminate the unnecessary cache documents and malicious stuff in the gadget.
  • Never origin or flash your phone without any specialist understanding.
  • Uninstall power saving programs and anti virus apps to Increase the performance of the apparatus
  • Clear all of the desktop running apps often to decrease the memory utilization.

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