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1. Lo | Definition of Lo by Merriam-Webster

Lo | Definition of Lo by Merriam-Webster
Lo definition is – —used to call attention or to express wonder or surprise. How to use … from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘lo.

2. Lo | Definition of Lo at Dictionary.com


You may have read the word “simmer” in a recipe or two, but what does it really … before 900; Middle English; conflation of lo exclamation of surprise, grief, or joy …

3. LO is a valid scrabble word


lo interj. (archaic) look, see, behold (in an imperative sense). lo adj. Informal spelling of low. lo cont.

4. Lo | Definition of Lo by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com also …


Origin. Early 21st century abbreviation of little one. Word of the day. fluey. / ˈfluːi /. adjective. See definitions & examples · Foreign words and phrases now used …

5. lo – Definition of lo | Is lo a word in the scrabble dictionary?


adjective. 1. Informal spelling of low. + improve definition. Help us improve our definitions, add your own or improve one of these for the word lo as a …

6. lo – Dictionary Checker – Scrabble Word Finder


Check words in Scrabble Dictionary and make sure it’s an official scrabble word. Enter the word you want to check. Check Dictionary … Meaning of lo …

7. Meaning of lo – Scrabble and Words With Friends: Valid or not …


lo: Definition, sample sentence, origin, Scrabble and Words With Friends score. … Meanings. LO interj — used to attract attention or to express surprise …

8. Words that start with lo – The Free Dictionary


10-letter words that start with lo · locomotive · locomotion · lovemaking · loungewear · lovastatin · loquacious · loggerhead · loadmaster …

9. Lo definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


exclamation. look! see! (now often in the phrase lo and behold). Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. Word origin. Old English lā …

10. Words that Start with LO – Word Finder


Words that Start with LO. Words that begin with LO are commonly used for word games like Scrabble and Words with Friends. This list will help you to find the …

11. lo – Wiktionary


From Middle English lo, loo, from Old English lā (“exclamation of surprise, grief, or joy”). … It is optional when the preceding word ends in -r or -s, after unstressed …

12. LO | 5 Definitions of Lo – YourDictionary


Lo definitions. lō. Filters (0). Used to attract attention or to show surprise. interjection. 0. 0. Look; see. interjection. 0. 0. Low. adjective. 0. 0. (electronics) Local …

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