Wix Login: How to Sign in to Wix Account

Wix Login: Wix is ​​a web service that offers a lot of options for the development of web pages, this is widely used today as it is completely free, however many more options can be acquired by obtaining the Premium service.

The popularity of the service is due to its characteristics which we can say is advantageous in its entirety. Next, we will show several of the most advantageous aspects that this service provides.

  • Special for beginners. Wix has a very intuitive and friendly interface for beginner users, attached to this you will not need a high level of programming knowledge since Wix provides a large number of templates and formats which will be enough to drag and drop to configure.
  • It serves all types of Webs. When creating an account on Wix, it will ask the user about what type of Web will start working in order to show the templates in that area.
  • A large number of templates. There are currently around a thousand web design templates, which Wix provides for free. It should be noted that with a Premium account you could get even more templates.
  • Freemium model. Under this model, Wix makes sure to generate income and keep its services running. Even though the amount of features available for free users is quite a lot, with a Premium subscription you can count on the Wix service without advertisements on your pages, you can connect your own URL with your site, new templates and more.
  • You continue updates. In this way, Wix makes sure to provide new content from time to time in order to keep its users with it.
    Good technical support Any possible problem that appears with the use of Wix, can be quickly solved by technical support since the quality and response time of this is very fast.
  • Create an account There are currently 5 Premium packages with different options such as the amount of storage, Premium support, Better bandwidth and more. It should be noted that with the purchase of one-year subscriptions the amount of money saved is a lot.
  • Extra applications Wix has an application store in which some are free and others paid, but no matter how they are obtained, they provide many improvements and advantages when creating a web page.

These are just a few of the advantages of this one, so if after reading this you want to start using this service, you just have to keep reading as soon we will show step by step how to create a Wix account and log in to it.


Wix Login: Create a Wix account

The first step to start using the Wix login service will be to create an account, this can be done as follows:

  • To begin with this process, we will enter the official website.
  • Once inside the page, we will click on the Start now option, which is located right in the center of the welcome page.
  • The login panel will appear, however, since we do not have an account we will click on signup.
  • In this panel, we must enter our email and enter it again to confirm it and also for the password we want. After filling out the small form, click on register.
  • Finally, Wix will ask us about what type of web page we want to work with, this information will be used to show us appropriate templates for the type of page we want to work with.

Following these steps correctly the account would have been created to start using the service. It should be noted that in the registration panel we can press on the options to start with Facebook or Google, which will link our profile of said network to Wix and we can log in with the one we have chosen.

Sign in to Wix

Now, after creating our account on the platform using the aforementioned steps we would have automatically logged in to Wix, however, in case you want to log in at another time you can follow these steps:

  • The first step will be to enter the Wix login page, this can be done using the link given above.
  • Once inside the page, we will be located in the upper right corner and click on the Enter option.
  • Finally, we will enter our data in the panel and click on Login.

If you entered the data correctly you would have successfully logged in, it should be noted that we can also log in by clicking on the Continue with Facebook or Google buttons.’

Recover Wix Password

If the user created their account using their Facebook or Google Plus profile, forgetting the password will be very difficult, however, there are cases in which users forget their passwords or are victims of a hack. For these cases, we can say the password recovery process is very easy and we will demonstrate it below through simple steps.

  • Following the steps shown above, we will reach the Wix login panel.
  • Under the entry panel, we will see the option Forgot your password? On which we will press to continue.
  • Below we will be shown 3 options which are: Reset my password, Find my Registration email and Recover my account. In this case, we will select Reset my password and click on Continue to continue.
  • After this, we must enter our email and click on Send.
  • We must open our email and open the email we have received from the platform, then we will press on the link that has been granted to us to be redirected back to the service page.
  • Finally, in the panel that has appeared, we will have to create a new password and repeat it to confirm it, after this, we click on Change Password to finish.

As you can see, recovering the Wix password is quite easy and you will not have problems doing so.

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